Vision: CAFCS aspires to be a nationally recognized leader in leadership and professional development for higher education administrators in family and consumer sciences.

Mission: The mission of CAFCS is to strengthen family and consumer sciences and related units in higher education through the development of excellence in administration. The organization seeks to achieve this mission by focusing on leadership development.

Focus Areas: CAFCS is focused on 1) leadership and professional development of its members; 2) FCS specific higher education issues (Academic and Extension) and creative solutions; and 3) collaboration within CAFCS and with related organizations. The focus areas align with the strategic plan.


Leadership & Professional Development of Members

Higher Education Issues & Creative Solutions for Academia and FCS Extension

Collaboration within the Organization and with Related Organizations


  1. Support leadership development
  2. Foster administrative excellence
  • Identify and create a forum to share creative solutions to issues in higher education (Academia and FCS Extension)
  1. Create opportunities for networking within CAFCS members
  2. Maintain collaborative relationships with FCS Alliance, Board of Human Sciences (BoHS),
    IFHE, AHE etc.


  1. Members Recruitment
  2. Support Emerging Leaders
  3. Support Senior Administrators- Foster excellence in administration
  4. CAFCS Award of Excellence in Administration
  5. Provide annual leadership development training
  1. Host Virtual CAFCS Coffee Hours
  2. Identfiy topics and speakers for 2022 annual meeting
  3. Host a webinar on a topic related to leadership or problem solving…issues relevant to all administrators.
  4. Create an electronic newsletter.
  5. Welcome note to new FCS administrators
  1. Involve members in diverse activities
  2. Increase members recruitment
  3. Provide networking opportunities at annual meeting
  4. Conduct annual joint meeting with the Board on Human Sciences


  • Advertise all events to increase members participation in leadership development activities.
  • Fall 2021: BoHS and CAFCS/ Fellowship for emerging leaders.
  • Call for award nominations’
  • Invite organizations for presentations on their benefits for Senior administrators professional development
    (American Association of State and Colleges and Universities (AASCU) Becoming a Provost Academy (BAPA) and Executive Leadership Academy (ELA)!   Vice president  Chancellor  President American Academic Leadership Institute (AALI)
  • Advertise CACFS Coffee Hour to increase members’ involvement

    LIST of COFFEE HOURS\Topics and dates

    Spring 2020

    April 2021 Topic: Reflections on the 2021 BoHS / CAFCS Spring Meeting

    Fall 2021
    September 1, 2021 Topic: Getting Started Again....Maybe?!?!?!?
    November 12
    Upstream Thinking

    Spring 2022

    February 5: Topic TBD
  • 2022 Annual Meeting: Invite a speaker: BAPA or ELA or AALI for senior administrators’ professional development
    (Webinar or CAFCS Coffee Hour or annual meeting)
  • Renew CAFCS Website to attract more members and more collaborations
  • Maintain relationships with FCS Alliance, BoHS,
  • New collaboration with Task Force for FCS Programs Advancement (TFPA)
  • 2022 Annual Meeting includes networking opportunities