Membership Report (Esther Duvall)
77 current members; including 17 new members
42 registered for conference
Esther Duvall will be contacting those who have not yet paid dues
Encouraged attendees who are not members to join

Treasurers' Report (Laura Stephenson)
Presentation of FY18 Budget (see attached)
Move to approve Treasurers' Report: Rod Runyan
Seconded: Victoria Shahan

Presentation of FY19 Budget (see attached)
Remove line item 19 (Member Needs Assessment)
Michael Newman volunteered to conduct the needs assessment
Add line item: CAFCS Meeting Start-Up Expenses $500
Add line item: Scholarship for Emerging Leaders to attend CAFCS meeting $1,750
Rod Runyan will be soliciting sponsorships to cover expense           
Move to approve Treasurers' Report: Jana Hawley
Seconded: Rod Runyan

AAFCS/BoHS Overview

AAFCS: Carolyn Jackson
Thanked CAFCS for being both a partner and a financial sponsor of the Alliance for FCS
Shared they received over 1 Million reaches via social media on FCS Educator Day
Announced AAFCS Annual Meeting in Atlanta on Social/Emotional Intelligence and noted that members of the Alliance for FCS (e.g., CAFCS) can get the AAFCS member rate for full registration at the Annual Conference
Noted that institutions belonging to the AAFCS Assembly of Higher Education have the opportunity to offer a 1-year complimentary AAFCS professional membership to their undergraduates at the time of their graduation (See attached)
Reminded attendees that AAFCS has compendium series on ethics and the body of knowledge that can serve as resources for classes and/or faculty (See attached)

BoHS: Jana Hawley
Explained BoHS is one of five constituent boards under APLU
Advocate for the field of FCS/Human Sciences
BoHS meeting is a chance to see higher education from a broader perspective

Annual Meeting (Joanne Bankston)
Thanked planning committee
Requested feedback


Nominating Committee
President-Elect: Grace Namwamba
Vice-President Elect: Victoria Shahan
CAFCS-BoHS Liaison: Michael Newman
Move to approve: Carolyn Jackson
Seconded: Jo Britt-Rankin