Hotel Encanto, Las Cruces, New Mexico

8am February 18, 2016

Meeting called to order by Lynda Martin. 

Greetings were given by Grace Namwamba for 1890's.  1890's meet twice a year and are celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Second Morrill Act last year.  They are asking colleagues to support legislation to award Justin Smith Morrill the Congressional Gold Medal.  Valerie Giddings gave greetings for the Board on Human Sciences.  The Spring meeting's theme is "Impact and Advocacy: Expanding our Reach-Shaping the Future." 

Giddings encouraged members to apply and nominate individuals for the awards: Public Service Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Outstanding Engagement Award, and the Undergraduate Research Mentor Award.  Nominations are due May 23.  Carolyn Jackson and Caroline Crocoll gave greetings from the FCS Alliance which consists of 23 organizations working on large ideas relative to leadership and development.  Relative to AAFCS, Jackson highlighted a new compendium of articles on the Body of Knowledge; AAFCS webinars; Say Yes to FCS; and Dining-In FCS Day (Dec 23).  Last year there were 127,000 participants nationally.  Relative to USDA, Crocoll highlighted the Grant Program that applies to students all the way to the graduate level.  There is $60 M available for FCS programs.  Distance Learning is a strong focus.  Crocoll encouraged all to join the NIFA list serve. Lisa Wootton Booth gave greetings for KON highlighting scholarship and leadership development.  Melissa Martin gave greetings for Phi U highlighting the Journal, an open position at national council and the OKC Conclave which will take place September 23-24 in OKC, OK.  Last year there was $61,000 awarded by Phi U.

Nancy Rabolt presented the treasurer's report.  For the FY May1, 2015-April 30, 2016 the Merrill Lynch account has $61,141.  Income included $3174 in interest and $3913 in dues.  Expenses were minimal, however the end of the year will bring some expenses.  The Treasurer's report was approved. Also the FY17 budget proposal was presented and accepted by the members in attendance.

Martin encouraged members to nominate for the Excellence in Administration Award.  Criteria are found on the CAFCS website.  The membership committee will select a nominee at the June Executive Board Meeting in Bellevue, Washington (during the AAFCS convention) and announced at the CAFCS-BoHS Spring Meeting in 2017.

Martin requested approval from membership to reverse the rolling billing of memberships.  It was proposed last year and approved that as a member's anniversary date came up an automatic bill would be sent for membership.  The computing program cannot accommodate this thus members voted to revert to the annual membership invoice being sent out in January of each year.  This was approved unanimously by the members.

Valerie Giddings announced nominations for officers.  A ballot will go out for Esther Devall, President Elect; JoAnne Bankston, Vice President Elect; Rinn Cloud and Denise Fisher, Nominating Committee (along with Martin, past president).

Newman solicited committee members from the membership at large.

There was no new business.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25am.