CAFCS Executive Board Meeting

February 17, 2016

Hotel Encanto, Las Cruces, New Mexico

In attendance: Doze Butler, Lisa Booth, Esther Devall, Jorge Atiles, Laura Stephenson, Michael Newman, Nancy Rabolt, Valerie Giddings, Lynda Martin

Meeting called to order by Lynda Martin at 4:45pm.

Nancy Rabolt presented FY 16 Budget (which will close out April 30).  Interest/Capital Gains from Investment account is $3174.79.  Newman and Rabolt adopted Merrill Lynch recommendations and it has been a positive move for CAFCS.  Currently there is $7088.41 in available cash.  KON has new system in place that is clearer relative to membership.  Paypal costs $1.50 (3%) for each membership receipt.  The FY 17 budget was presented. Income is based on 80 members at $50.00 each and interest from the Merrill Lynch account.  Line #6 in budget is increased to $2500.  There were 34 paid registrations for the Las Cruces meeting.  Valerie Giddings moved to accept the budget.  It was approved.

Kitty Coffey has archived materials for CAFCS.  Martin will contact Coffey regarding that history.

Valerie Giddings presented names from the nomination committee for the board's election.  Jorge Atiles agreed to place these in the Qualtrics survey format for voting.  Newman will seek volunteers for non-elected positions on the board.

Newman will work on Leadership Workshop and assign the Administrative Excellence award as a task for the Membership Committee so that an award recipient can be determined at the June AAFCS meeting. (We discussed announcing the recipient at the joint BoHS-CAFCS meeting in the spring, which is the same time BoHS will announce the Emerging Administrator Award).

Giddings presented the slate of officers and will present for approval at the business meeting: President-Elect - Esther Devall; Vice-President Elect - Joanne Bankston; Nominating Committee - Rinn Cloud and Denise Fisher.

Emailing functionality for membership is not in place thus it will be brought to general members to revert to the annual membership notice being sent out.

Newman will work on membership survey.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:20pm