Leadership & Professional
Development of Members

Higher Education Issues & Creative Solutions

Collaboration within the
Organization and with
Related Organizations


  1. Support leadership development
  2. Foster administrative excellence
  1. Identify and create a forum to share creative solutions to issues in higher education
  1. Create opportunities for networking within CAFCS for member collaboration
  2. Maintain collaborative relationships with FCS Alliance


  1. Recruit new members
  2. Provide annual leadership and professional development training
  3. Award CAFCS Excellence in Administration
  1. Host Virtual Coffee Hours for CAFCS Administrators
  2. Utilize feedback from previous annual meeting survey to identify topics and speakers for next meeting
  1. Provide networking opportunities at annual meeting
  2. Maintain membership list
  3. Conduct biennial joint meeting with the Board on Human Sciences


  • Spring 2021 Annual Meeting set for March 2-5, Washington, DC
  • Advertise for members and meeting attendance
  • July 6 Coffee Hour on Race Relations
  • September 25 Coffee Hour on COVID Concerns
  • 2021 Annual Meeting includes networking opportunities
  • Membership list on website


  • Call for award nominations
  • November 13 on Reflections on Fall and Looking ahead to Spring
  • 2021 Annual Meeting: Pandemics and Social Unrest
    focused on COVID-19 and Racial Understanding
  • Maintain relationships with FCS Alliance



1 new paying member


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