Council of Administrators of Family and Consumer Sciences
2016 Annual Meeting

Leading through Crucial Conversations

This session will introduce participants to Crucial Conversations tools for leaders. Each participant will have the opportunity to engage in some in-class practice, group participation, and personal reflection as they begin to explore some useful skills for entering into Crucial Conversations at work and beyond.

Shawn Werner, Associate Director, Leadership & Mentoring, Teaching Academy, NMSU

imageShawn Werner, M.A., joined the NMSU Teaching Academy in 2012 as associate director for leadership and mentoring. From 2008-2011, she worked as a program specialist for the NSF ADVANCE-PAID grant at NMSU. This grant disseminated the ADVANCE mentoring program, department head training program, and promotion and tenure workshops across the state. She is now responsible for continuing the work of ADVANCE at the Teaching Academy through the coordination of faculty leadership and mentoring programs: Advancing Leaders, the Department Head Academy, the one-on-one Mentoring Program, and Promotion and Tenure Training. She has also served as an adjunct instructor for the Department of Communication Studies at NMSU since 2006. She teaches organizational communication, small group communication, communication theory, persuasion and conflict management. Shawn is also a certified mediator and trainer in Crucial Conversations®. When she is not spending time with her family, Shawn enjoys reading, writing, and watching live music.

The Power of Educational Media

Educational media - apps, social media, animation, games - can significantly shape how we reach our students and our Extension audiences.  NMSU's Media Productions and Learning Games Lab have served as developers of educational media tools for partners throughout the nation.  Dr. Chamberlin will share her vision about the power of technology tools in our work and share some of their national work.  She'll also give a tour of their development shop at NMSU, as well as the Learning Games Lab, which is their testing space.

Barbara Chamberlin, PhD, Professor and Assistant Department Head, Media Productions & Learning Games Lab, New Mexico State University

Barbara Chamberlin has a unique job: she plays computer and video games and actively encourages those who work with her to do the same. It's all part of the research and development they do at New Mexico State University, finding new and innovative ways to teach and help people learn. She directs development of educational games and apps at NMSU's Learning Games Lab for a wide range of content, from financial literacy to science, health, and math. She is currently collaborating on apps for pre-school children and their parents to encourage best practices on feeding, healthy eating and appropriate types of physical activity. She received her PhD in instructional design from the University of Virginia, and has worked in media development for more than 20 years. Previously a stand-up comic, Dr. Chamberlin now enjoys speaking about technology, and sharing exciting research that changes the way we think about games.

Understanding your Leadership Style: Equine-Assisted Exercise

imageHorses in herds can help people understand the dynamics of power and communication in hierarchical relationships. Dr. Montañez will lead the group and horses through a dynamic interactive activity to achieve leader-follower relationships.  In doing so, participants will gain insight about personal space, power, intensity of communication, personal energy, and interactive systems. (NOTE: This workshop does not involve riding horses. It will be conducted in an arena, so closed toe shoes are required.)

Dr. Marcel Montanez, NMSU Family and Consumer Sciences (working with Winchester, one of the horses using in equine-assisted psychotherapy and leadership activities)

Dr. Marcel Montañez is a Developmental Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist.  He specializes in equine-assisted psychotherapy as it applies to relationship dynamics.  Dr. Montañez uses horses to help develop new therapists and to teach leadership skills to university administrators.  He has been a faculty member at NMSU for 10 years in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, and has served as the Associate Department Head for 2 years.  He teaches classes in theories of marriage and family therapy, research methods, and interpersonal skills and relationships.

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