CAFCS Officers and Committees
2021-2022 Nominees and Existing Officers/Committee Members




President – Virginie Zoumenou
Vice President/ President Elect – Nina Roofe
Treasurer – Shawna Jordan
Secretary – Veronica Oates 
Past President – Bronwyn Fees

Five members
President: 1-year term
Vice President becomes President -every year
Treasurer 2-year term. Elected in even numbered year
Secretary 2-year term (taking office in odd numbered year)
Past President 1-year term


Nominating Committee

Bronwyn Fees (Past President), Chair
Jana Hawley
Jo Britt-Rankin
Crystal Wynn

Three members
Past president, Chair 1-year term
two members nominated by the council membership to serve 1-year term

Budget Committee

Shawna Jordan (Treasurer), Chair
Virginie Zoumenou President
Nina Bennett

Three Members
Treasurer, Chair (even numbered year)
Two members appointed by President 1-year term

Audit Committee

Nina Roofe (Vice President/ President-Elect), Chair
Virginie Zoumenou (President)
Nina Bennet

Three members
Vice President/ President-Elect, Chair 1-year term
President 1-year term
One member appointed by the President
1-year term

Annual Meeting Committee

Nina Roofe (Vice President), Chair
One member open
Volunteers open
Local arrangement leader open

Two members
Vice President/ Vice President, Chair
One Member appointed by the President 1-year term
Local arrangement leader (if needed) appointed by the Vice President/ President -Elect 1-year term

Strategic Planning/Program of Work

Virginie Zoumenou (President), Chair
Veronica Oates (Secretary)
Bronwyn Fees (Past President)
Member 1 open
Member 2 open

Five members
President, Chair 1-year term
Secretary: 2-year term
Past President: 1-year term
Two members appointed by the President 1-year term

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