Individuals nominated should have demonstrated achievements in a combination of the following areas through:

  1. Service and visionary leadership to the organized profession through CAFCS and other FCS related professional organizations
  2. Publication of a body of scholarly and/or theoretical writing contributing to family and consumer sciences/human sciences
  3. Grantsmanship/external funding to advance the growth and development of family and consumer sciences/human sciences programs
  4. Involvement in activities that promote increased enrollment, retention, and graduation rates in family and consumer sciences/human sciences programs
  5. Operational excellence shown through significant changes, modifications, or approaches that enhance university productivity, efficiency, and quality
  6. Influencing the planning and development of exemplary university programs through legislative efforts, implementation of models, establishment of guidelines, or the teaching and/or mentoring of future professionals
  7. Building interactions and partnerships that produce results
  8. Developing and inspiring others to achieve extraordinary leadership
  9. Developing an innovative process or procedure that directly impacts the entire university
  10. Influencing and enhancing the local community, region, or state

Current CAFCS Executive Committee Members and Directors are ineligible for nomination.

Submission of Nomination to the Award Selection Committee

CAFCS member or nomination committee submits the nominee to the Awards Selection Committee for consideration.

Format for Electronic Nomination Submission

  1. Name of nominee
  2. Full title of nominee
  3. University/college administrative position
  4. Nominee's home and office addresses, office telephone number, office fax number, and e-mail address
  5. Name and title of the immediate supervisor
  6. Number of years of service
  7. Name of nominator or list of nomination committee members
  8. Name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the chair of the nomination committee
  9. Original nomination form with nominator's text (description of nominee's achievements and specific examples of how the person meets a combination of some of the ten criteria)
  10. Provost's/dean's/senior vice president's letter of nomination and statement of support (one nomination letter is needed per nominee)
  11. Résumé or biographical information of nominee, including awards, honors, or other relevant activities
  12. References for nominee that may be contacted to discuss nominee's performance and/or criteria

Watch for the call for nominations in Spring 2021.