Committees 2015-16

CAFCS Officers and Committees


Requirements - Bylaws


President- Lynda Martin (15-16)
President-Elect- Michael Newman (15-16)
Vice President- Esther Devall ( 15-16)
Vice President-Elect - Doze Y. Butler (15-16)
Treasurer- Nancy Rabolt (14-16)
Treasurer  Elect- Laura Stephenson (15-16)
Secretary ยท- Vivian Fluellen (15-17)
Past President- Valerie L. Giddings (15-16)

Pres-Elect becomes Pres
Pres-elect elected every year
Secretary 2 year term
VP Elect becomes VP
VP Elect elected every year
Treasurer Elect becomes Treasurer
Treasurer Elect elected every other year

Nominating Committee

Valerie L. Giddings, Chair
Ethel Jones
Jeanette Wheat

Three members
Past president and two members elected annually to serve one year terms

Bylaws Committee

Kathleen Rees
Barb Allison
Pam Wanga
Nancy Shepherd

Five members-2 yr terms
Appointed by President-elect

Budget Committee

Nancy Rabolt, Chair
Greg Thompson
Laura Stephenson

Three Members
Chaired by Treasurer Treasurer Elect
One appointed by Pres-elect

Membership Committee

Nina Lyons Bennett (l4-17)
Vivian Fluellen (14-17)

Three members 3-yr terms
Appointed by Pres-elect

Communications Committee

Cynthia Smith, Chair (14-17)
Doze Butler (14-17)
Ethel Jones (14-17)

Three members 3-yr terms

Annual Meeting Committee

Esther Devall, Chair (15-16)
Michael Newman  (15-16)
Doze Y. Butler ( 15-16)

Chaired by Vice President
Members include President elect, Vice president elect & local arrangements
1 year term

Program of Work

Michael Newman, Chair (15-16)
Cynthia Smith
Shelia Lumar

Three members (1 year term)
Chaired by president elect
2 members appointed by president elect

Audit Committee

Laura Stephenson, Chair (15-16)
Greg Thompson
Michael Newman

Chaired by Treasurer elect or
President elect
Members incl Budget Comm members, excl treasurer

Strategic Planning Committee

Valerie L. Giddings, Chair
Jorge Atiles

5 members
Chaired by past president

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