Committees 2014-15

CAFCS Officers and Committees
EXECUTIVE BOARD Requirements - Bylaws
President - Valerie L. Giddings (14-15)
President-Elect - Lynda Martin (14-15)
Vice President - Michael Newman (14-15)
Vice President-Elect - Nina Lyon-Bennett (14-15)
Treasurer - Nancy Rabolt (14-16)
Treasurer-Elect - Vacant (15-16)
Secretary - Chang-Ok Choi (13-15)
Past President - Jorge Atiles (14-15)
Pres-Elect becomes President
Secretary 2 year term
VP-Elect ecomes VP
Treasurer-Elect become Treasurer
Nominating Committee  
Jorge Atiles, Chair
Janette Wheat
Ethel Jones
Three members
Past President and two
members elected annually to
serve two 1-yr terms
Bylaws Committee  
Kitty Coffey - Chair
Kathleen Rees
Barb Allison
Pam Wanga
Nancy Shepherd
Five members - 2-yr terms
Budget Committee  
Nancy Rabolt, Chair
Greg Thompson
Three members
Chaired by Treasurer
One appointed by Pres-Elect
Membership Committee  
Dorothy Mitstifer
Nina Lyons Bennett (14-17)
Vivian Fluellen (14-17)
Three members 3-yr terms
Appointed by Pres-Elect
Communications Committee  
Cynthia Smith, Chair (14-17)
Doze Butler (14-17)
Ethel Jones (14-17)
Three members 3-yr terms
Annual Meeting Committee  
Michael Newman (14-15)
Lynda Martin (14-15)
Nina Lyons Bennett (14-15)
Vacant (Local arrangements)
Chaired by Vice President
Members include President-Elect,
Vice President-Elect &
local arrangements
1-yr term
Program of Work  
Lynda Martin, Chair
Cynthia Smith
Sheila Lumar
Three members (1-yr term)
Chaired by President-Elect
Two members appointed by
Audit Committee  
Lynda Martin, Chair
Greg Thompson
Valerie Giddings
Chaired by Treasurer-Elect or
Members incl. Budget Comm.
members, excl. Treasurer
Strategic Planning Committee  
Jorge Atiles, Chair
Valerie Giddings
Mardell Wilson
Five members
Chaired by Past President

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