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Executive Board and Committees


President: Mary Pritchard
President Elect: Billie Collier
Vice President: Janet Pope
Vice President Elect: Julie M. Johnson
Secretary: Deborah Tippett
Treasurer: B. J. Friedman
Treasurer Elect: Duane Whitbeck
Past President: Frances Shipley

CAFCS Standing Committees

Nominating Committee: (3 members, 1 year term)
Chair, Frances Shipley (past president)
Elected member: Carol Kellett
Elected member: Nancy Kingsbury

Bylaws & Handbook Committee: (5 members, appointed by President Elect, 2 year terms)
Chair, Richard Glotzer (1st year of 2nd term)
Nancy Kingsbury (2nd year)
Pat Pierson (2nd year)
Gladys Hildreth (2nd year)
Jan Crites (1st year)

Budget Committee: (3 members, as specified in Bylaws, 1 year term)
Chair, B. J. Friedman, Treasurer
Member, Duane Whitbeck, Treasurer Elect
Member, Allen Martin (appointed by President Elect) (ratify by Executive Board)

Membership Committee: (3 members, 3 year terms)
Chair, Diane Richardson (1st year)
Member, Jan Bowers (2nd year)
Member, Sally Fortenberry (2nd year)
Member, Shirley Hymon-Parker (1st year)
Ex officio: Laurie Stenberg Nichols (CAFCS List-Serve)

Communications Committee: (3 members, 3 year terms)
Chair, Dorothy Mitstifer (2nd year)
Member, Jim Painter (2nd year)
Member, Jane Dennis (1st year)
Ex officio: Laurie Stenberg Nichols (CAFCS List-Serve)

Annual Meeting Committee: (as specified in Bylaws)
Chair, Janet Pope, Vice President
Member, Billie Collier, President Elect
Member, Julie M. Johnson, Vice President Elect
Local Arrangements Chairs as appointed by the Chair
Volunteers for local arrangements

Program of Work Committee: (appointed for 1 year by President Elect)
2004-2005 Committee
Chair, Mary Pritchard, President-Elect 2004-2005
Member, Karla Hughes
Member, Jan VanBuren

2005-2006 Committee
Chair, Billie Collier, President Elect
Member: Shirley Hastings
Member: Karla Hughes

Strategic Planning Committee: (5 members as specified by Bylaws)
Chair, Frances Shipley (Most recent past president - 04-05)
Member: Karla Hughes for Erskine Smith (03-04)
Member: Shirley Reagan (02-03)
Member: Billie Collier (06-07)
Member: Mary Pritchard (05-06)

Audit Committee: (as specified by the Bylaws)
Chair: Duane Whitbeck, Treasurer Elect
Member: Mary Pritchard, President
Member: Allen Martin, Budget Committee member

FAEIS Representative:
Dennis Savaiano

Archives: (appointed by executive board)
Kitty Coffey

CAFCS Listsesrve:
Laurie Stenberg Nichols

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