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A thematic issue for the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal
Abstracts due November 15, 2012

The Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal announces a call for papers for a thematic issue on the significance of community to individual and family well-being. The purpose of this thematic issue is to stimulate new energy and creative thought about the historical 'sense of social mission' (Stage & Vincenti, 1997, p. 31) of the family and consumer sciences field through manuscripts that:

  • Explore the historical and theoretical foundations for a community perspective in family and consumer sciences research,
  • Feature examples of a growing body of empirical community-focused scholarship, and
  • Point to an agenda for future research and practice based on past and current efforts and identifiable trends.

Topics appropriate for this thematic issue include, but are not limited to, the following:

AAFCS Webinar:

Victims, Bullies, Bystanders and Their Families: The Unique Role for Family and Consumer Sciences in the Bullying Epidemic

by Lorna Browne.

Register at:

Lorna conducted research for the Kappa Omicron Nu Bullying Initiative. See This web site provides background information and resources for KON chapter service-learning programs related to the problem of bullying as it exists in schools throughout the United States. Other student and community groups are invited to use this resource. >/p>

The objective of this Kappa Omicron Nu Bullying Initiative is to create conditions that make it possible for all individuals to get along and function better in or out of the school setting.

IFHE Press Release
Bonn, 01st August 2012

"Global Wellbeing"
IFHE Congress in Melbourne inspired Home Economists from all over the world

"Oikos" is the root of both ecology and economy. Ecology is the science of the household or home, of ecosystems and species, of ecological processes that renew life on earth. Economy is supposed to be the management of the household." Dr Vandana SHIVA, Navdanya International, India, keynote speaker at the opening session of the XXII Congress of the International Federation for Home Economics, IFHE in Melbourne, Australia in July 2012 delivered an inspiring speech about how Home Economics skills can significantly address global challenges. The Victorian Minister for Education, the Hon Martin DIXON MP opened the IFHE Congress with a warm welcome to Melbourne. Over 750 Congress participants from more than 50 countries around the world attended congress presentations with great enthusiasm, which dealt with topics from different fields of Home Economics such as financial literacy and sustainable development; families and households; education and training; consumer issues; food and nutrition; and textiles and design.