CAFCS Executive Meeting - June 18, 2008

June 18, 2008 10:00-12:30
Hilton Milwaukee


Present: Jan Murphy, Richard Glotzer, Allen Martin, Janet Pope, Diane Richardson. Dorothy Mitstifer,

Guest: Joyce Miles and Kitty Coffey

Meeting called to order at 10:05 by Jan Shane

Joyce gave us an update on the Centennial Campaign. She shared that the Ellen Swallow Richard's DVD is being sold to units all over the country. Pam Swallow, distance relative of Ellen Swallow Richards will be at book signing tonight in the Expo hall. Joyce is available for re-enacting for a $500 honorarium. All proceeds go to Centennial Campaign- over $10,000.00 has been raised to date (See Centennial Campaign sheet in conference packet). Joyce has a blog at The side bar links to articles and websites...Joyce is also on Utube.

Approval of minutes as corrected (revised name spellings).

Treasurer Report: Purposed budget reviewed. There is $61, 446.07 with three years reserve.

Allen proposed that we move some of $21, 402.92 money market account to mutual fund since the money market is not earning much interest. Discussion followed and we decided to wait due to expenses we may incur with the 50 year celebration. The estimated $35.00 /125 members might be a little ambitious but we can try. Change $400.00 to $600.00 (item 18) to pay Dorothy each month for maintaining membership database.

Question: Who holds our archives? AAFCS archives at Cornell. Jan has treasury and membership files. Jan will find out if we can send our files to Cornell.

May 1 is the fiscal year date. Dorothy reminded us that by April 30 th we will have to file with the IRS. Need to change checkbook over from Duane to Allen. The $1000.00 (item #28) scholarship money available to new and emerging leaders needs to be advertised. Jan will send out a letter to those in database asking them to identify new administrators and a letter to those who last attended New and Emerging Administrators Conference 2007.

Question: Is the undergraduate scholarship money of $500 enough? Motion was made and passed to waive the CAFCS conference registration for new and emerging leaders who couldn't come without financial assistance.

Clarification: Dorothy bills us for item # 26 and HEU from AAFCS bills us for item #27. Allen will revise the budget as we have discussed. Treasurer report approved as amended.

Nominating Committee: Janet confirmed positions needed. She will prepare ballot by Nov 1 2008. Dorothy will send out. The committee gave Janet suggestions for the ballot.

Strategic Planning Committee: Early fall we will start strategic planning. The committee is Janet Pope, chair (immediate past president); Billie Collier, Mary Prichard, Richard Glotzer, and Jan Murphy.

Budget: (see above)

Membership: Dorothy will check with AAFCS to see if AAFCS has a list of community colleges which might have AAFCS units. Amelia Brown might know since she was active in the previous AAFCS structure when we had a community college section. We could buy a list and/or check with the affiliates presidents to see if there are active members in AAFCS from community colleges. Jan will check with our membership. Dorothy will send Jan labels for the mailing.

2009 Annual Meeting: Connor Walters is working with BOHS (See tentative schedule from Connor). Carol Kellet and April Mason from BOHS are working with Connor. Date is Feb 25-27 with Wednesday the 26 th as the joint meeting date. The CAFCS Board meeting is scheduled for 10:30-12:00 on Feb 25.

50 Year Celebration, 2010: Location not yet decided

Planning committee (Diane Richardson Kitty Coffee, Shirley Hymen-Parker, Jane Dennis, Richard Glotzer) has not yet met. Kitty gave history of past anniversary events: 30 th was in New Port Beach- 1990, had a banquet and reception, invited all past presidents, harpist; 40 th was a Mardi Gras theme-2000, former presidents talked about decades.

Discussion: Do we want year long events or just special activities at the conference? Ideas: membership push- check with community colleges, use some of senior members as speakers, have a formal banquet, see if we can get support from AAFCS by putting announcement on their webpage, special invite to life members and past presidents. Handout a favor/save the date at the 2009 meeting . Dorothy will set up a Wiki for the planning committee.

Look for location with airline hubs. Richard will check Little Rock, Tulsa, OK City, or Santa Fe. Richard will try to lock in the location for the February 2010 meeting by mid-August. Date in February.


IFHE three applications: Sally McCombie was selected for the CAFCS scholarship as IFHE representative in Luzerne, Switzerland.

Committee for New and Emerging Administrators: Connor Walters (chair), Virginia Clark Johnson, Mary Pritchard, Billie Collier, and Dorothy Mitstifer. Planning committee could meet at CAFCS in February.

Jan and Richard will read minutes. Send minutes to Dorothy to post on webpage.


Diane Richardson

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