CAFCS Executive Board Meeting - June 23, 2005

June 23, 2005
AAFCS, Minneapolis, MN

Members Present : Kitty Coffey, Lisa LaBleu, Billie Collier, BJ Friedman, Julie Johnson, Dorothy Mitstifer, Janet Pope, Mary Pritchard, Diane Richardson, Deborah Tippett, and Duane Whitbeck.

1. President, Mary Pritchard, called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 23, 2005.

2. Minutes and Approval of Agenda. The minutes from February 16 and February 19 were reviewed and approved as distributed. Dorothy Mitstifer agreed to post the minutes on the Web site.

3. Treasurer's Report. BJ Friedman reported that the organization was financially healthy. The predicted shortfall of the meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah had not occurred.

4. Standing Committee Reports.

  • Annual Meeting Committee. Janet Pope presented a tentative agenda for the 2006 Annual Meeting, which will be held at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN February 16- 18. She announced that the Board would meet at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15 and at 11:30 on February 18, 2005. Suggestions for speakers were given to Janet. Local Arrangements Chair, Lisa LaBleu, discussed possible events that could be held at the meeting. Lisa and Janet announced that first time attendees would be identified and that four scholarships to cover registration will be given to new members.
  • Archives. Kitty Coffey reported that she had a work study student scanning materials to be posted on the CAFCS Web site. She indicated that the organization would not need to buy her committee a scanner. She announced that the first history (1960 to 1990) had been stored on disks and that she hoped to get the files on the history from 1990-2000. At this time, $1000 has been allocated to the Archives Committee and if more is needed the budget could be amended at the February meeting.
  • Bylaws and Handbook Committee. No report was given.
  • Communications Committee. Dorothy Mitstifer reported that the newsletter was on the Web site and the directory was up on Access. It is listed by institution and Dorothy can print labels from this list. She asked the Board to give her direction on the purpose of the directory. Diane Richardson commented that it was difficult to keep the directory current due to the number of lifetime members. Members typically use their business address and retired/lifetime members needed to supply their home addresses. Dorothy and Diane agreed to work together to manage the directory on the Web site. The use of the Discussion Board was questioned. Should this Discussion Board be private or public? A motion was made and seconded that the Discussion Board be non-restricted. The motion passed. Dorothy requested that members send her information to be posted.
  • Membership. Diane Richardson asked for advice on securing potential members. It was suggested that she look at the FAEIS report and cross list membership directories with KONu and BOHS. Mary Pritchard offered to send Diane a list from BOHS. The mailing list for the organization is longer than the list of current paid members. It was suggested that current members have an asterisk by their names. Diane reported that there are 101 current members.
  • Nominating Committee. Frances Shipley was not at the meeting. She requested that names of potential officers be given to her.
  • Place Committee for 2007 and 2008. Julie Johnson has been contacted by the BOHS to do a joint meeting in 2007. She asked for volunteers to help plan the joint meeting. It was suggested that the evaluations from the 2005 joint meeting be reviewed when planning the next meeting. The possibility of meeting in San Diego in 2008 was discussed. Kay Wilder had volunteered to work on hosting a meeting in San Diego.
  • Program of Work. Billie Collier presented the 2005-06 Program of Work. She outlined ongoing goals and indicated that she would work with committees to highlight specific goals. She announced that she would present a formal Program of Work report at the February 2006 meeting.
  • Strategic Planning. No report was given.

5. Old Business

a. Task Force for Program Advancement. Mary Pritchard presented an update on the work of the Task Force for Program Advancement (formerly Program Viability Task Force). The Task Force meets via monthly conference calls. The minutes are posted on One current project is to create a national database of FCS programs that include various organizational structures. Virginia Vincenti has been doing this and can not continue without financial support. It is important that units have accurate information about similar programs when their units are under threat. CAFCS is represented on this Task Force with two members. A handout was given explaining the Task Force, current members, the database project, and projected funding needs.

b. Program of Work Strategies. Mary discussed ways to implement the Program of Work.

c. Membership and Mailing Lists. Diane Richardson indicated the need to identify members who had died. It was suggested lifetime members who were deceased be identified on the directory.

d. Scholarship for CAFCS Meeting. BJ Friedman announced that four scholarships would be given to first time attendees to the CAFCS meeting in Memphis. The budget allocated $1,000 for four scholarships.

6. New Business

a. Task Force on Use of Reserve Funds. BJ Friedman presented a written report on Recommendations for Use of CAFCS Financial Reserves. She reported that there was $35,000 in discretionary funds, which gives the organization $36,000 in reserves to cover three years of operating costs. The Task Force recommended that the funds be used to promote:
    1. Leadership Development of administrators in FCS units.
    2. Projects that further the goals for FCS units.

Guidelines were given and procedures explained. It was suggested that $7,000 be given to the Emerging Leaders budget. It was noted that CAFCS had contributed $3000 in the past. It was suggested that the document be renamed "Investment of Discretionary Funds for the Future." The document was approved as working draft. It was moved that the document be accepted and that the actions be approved twice a year at the Board meetings or electronically to Board members. It was moved that $5000 be spent for the goals as outlined in the recommendations of the Task Force on the Use of Reserve Funds in the current year. All proposals for use of the funds would be submitted to the Board for approval. The motion was seconded and passed.

b. Emerging Administrators Workshop Task Force. Virginia Clark Johnson requested seed money from CAFCS for the workshop.

7. Announcements. President Pritchard discussed the implications of the restructuring models proposed by AAFCS. She encouraged members to attend the Forum and announced that she would convey the Board's concerns about the proposal at the Forum. Concerns were expressed.

8. Adjournment . After reminding members of the next Executive Board Meeting on Wednesday, February 15, 2006 at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN, President Pritchard adjourned the meeting at 10:35 a.m.

Deborah Tippett


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